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ATTR 3370. Prevention & Care of Injuries. 3 Hours.

This course includes instruction and laboratory work in the care and prevention of injuries. It is designed to meet the needs of the athletic coach and physical education teacher.
Prerequisite: BIOL 2401 or BIOL 2403 and 60 Credit Hours.

Bachelor of Science, Major in Kinesiology (Clinical Exercise Science): 3+2 MSAT

1 MATH 1314  and MATH 1316 satisfy the Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area II (Mathematics). 2 BIOL 1413 , BIOL 2403 , BIOL 2404 , and CHEM 1411 satisfy Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area III (Life and Physical Science). 3 BIOL 1413 is recommended.  4 SOCI 2319 is recommended and satisfies Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area IV (Language, aPhilosophy, and Culture).  5 PSYC 1301 satisfies Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area VIII (Social and Behavioral Sciences). 6 COMS 1361 and KINE 2115 satisfy6 Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area IX (Component Area Option). 7 ATTR 2300 is recommended for MSAT 3+2 prospective students and includes 75 observation clinical hours. 8 Must take 8 hour sequence of BIOL 2401 and BIOL 2402   or 8 hour sequence of BIOL 2403 and BIOL 2404 , and these courses must be taken early in the degree plan to allow proper sequencing of classes.  9 STAT 3379  is recommended, and  PSYC 3401 will add 1 semester credit hour to the degree program.  10   HLTH 2372 ,  HLTH 3350 , HLTH 3360 ,  KINE 4335  are recommended for MSAT 3+2 prospective students. Other suggested electives include:   ATTR 4369  & KINE 4369 ;  KINE 4117 and KINE 4392 can be taken for students wanting to gain research experience. 11 Students planning to pursue the 3+2 MSAT option must complete the Graduate Application process and be accepted to the MSAT program. In order to apply to the 3+2 MSAT program students must complete all undergraduate degree plan requirements (minimum of 95 semester credit hours) and all admission requirements.  Once a student is accepted to the graduate MSAT program, students are eligible to begin the MSAT program upon completion of all admission requirements.  The graduate program will begin in the Summer I semester term each year and will run as a cohort model.  Students may apply to the program while coursework is in-progress but may not begin the graduate MSAT program until the 95 semester credit hours are completed.