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ATTR 2300. Intro to Athletic Training. 3 Hours.

This course is an introduction to the profession of Athletic Training. Topics include methods of care, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Laboratory experiences are provided to assist the student with athletic injury scenarios.
Prerequisite: Department Approval.

Bachelor of Science, Major in Kinesiology (Clinical Exercise Science): 3+2 MSAT

1 MATH 1314  and MATH 1316 satisfy the Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area II (Mathematics). 2 BIOL 1413 , BIOL 2403 , BIOL 2404 , and CHEM 1411 satisfy Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area III (Life and Physical Science). 3 BIOL 1413 is recommended.  4 SOCI 2319 is recommended and satisfies Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area IV (Language, aPhilosophy, and Culture).  5 PSYC 1301 satisfies Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area VIII (Social and Behavioral Sciences). 6 COMS 1361 and KINE 2115 satisfy6 Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area IX (Component Area Option). 7 ATTR 2300 is recommended for MSAT 3+2 prospective students and includes 75 observation clinical hours. 8 Must take 8 hour sequence of BIOL 2401 and BIOL 2402   or 8 hour sequence of BIOL 2403 and BIOL 2404 , and these courses must be taken early in the degree plan to allow proper sequencing of classes.  9 STAT 3379  is recommended, and  PSYC 3401 will add 1 semester credit hour to the degree program.  10   HLTH 2372 ,  HLTH 3350 , HLTH 3360 ,  KINE 4335  are recommended for MSAT 3+2 prospective students. Other suggested electives include:   ATTR 4369  & KINE 4369 ;  KINE 4117 and KINE 4392 can be taken for students wanting to gain research experience. 11 Students planning to pursue the 3+2 MSAT option must complete the Graduate Application process and be accepted to the MSAT program. In order to apply to the 3+2 MSAT program students must complete all undergraduate degree plan requirements (minimum of 95 semester credit hours) and all admission requirements.  Once a student is accepted to the graduate MSAT program, students are eligible to begin the MSAT program upon completion of all admission requirements.  The graduate program will begin in the Summer I semester term each year and will run as a cohort model.  Students may apply to the program while coursework is in-progress but may not begin the graduate MSAT program until the 95 semester credit hours are completed.