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ARTS 4372. Photographic Narratives. 3 Hours.

This course provides a broad and intensive investigation of visual narratives through photographic representation. Photographic books, journals, installations, slide shows, and mixed media collage will be explored as a means of developing visual fluency and personal expression. The implications of photographic sequencing and contextual significance will also be an emphasis of this course.
Prerequisite: ARTS 1313, ARTS 1314, ARTS 1315, ARTS 2365, ARTS 2370, and ARTS 2375 with a grade of C or better.

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Political Science

Minimum of 12 hours of Political Science must be taken in residence. No grade below a C in a Political Science course will count toward the major. Students must have 42 advanced hours. At least 15 hours of POLS must be advanced.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

...or College Master of Arts in Mathematics Master...Credit 3. Prerequisite: STAT 4372 (or equivalent) or...

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

...more information. Bachelor of Arts, Major in the Fall. MATH 4372. Thry & Appl-Probability...