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ARTS 3375. Web Site Development. 3 Hours.

This course introduces students to the process of designing and creating web sites for the World Wide Web. Beginning with an understanding of the Internet and HTML, the basic language of the web, students move on to work with authoring tools used in building and maintaining websites. The course concludes with a discussion of challenges facing web designers and the future of this powerful communication tool.
Prerequisite: ARTS 2370.

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Art

A total of 42 advanced hours are required for the BA. Twenty-four of these advanced hours are taken in the major. Eighteen advanced hours should be taken in the minor, foreign language, or electives.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Photography

The BFA Portfolio Review is the Department of Art’s process of review and evaluation before admitting students into any of the department’s Bachelor of Fine Arts programs.

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Political Science

Minimum of 12 hours of Political Science must be taken in residence. No grade below a C in a Political Science course will count toward the major. Students must have 42 advanced hours. At least 15 hours of POLS must be advanced.

Honors College

...fine arts, including dance, music, the visual arts...the Honors College. HONR 3375. Honors Dialogues Seminar...