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ARTS 3370. Digital Photography II. 3 Hours.

This course will engage students in an advanced study of the tools, techniques, and applications of digital photography in the desktop computing environment. Emphasis is placed onnon-destructive manipulation of images and digital workflow techniques.
Prerequisite: ARTS 1313, ARTS 1314, ARTS 1315, ARTS 2365, ARTS 2370 and ARTS 2375.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Photography

The BFA Portfolio Review is the Department of Art’s process of review and evaluation before admitting students into any of the department’s Bachelor of Fine Arts programs.

Bachelor of Arts, Major in History

1 Satisfies Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area VI (U.S. History) and major. . 2 Pre-Modern History Requirement:  Among the 3000-level courses a student takes in American, European, and World History one course must have a primary focus on content in pre-modern history (content dating to before 1600); this can overlap with other requirements.  The following are courses that fulfill the pre-modern history requirement:  HIST 3334 , HIST 3337 , HIST 3350 , HIST 3358 , HIST 3362 , HIST 3363 , HIST 3370 HIST 3371 , HIST 3376 , HIST 3391 , HIST 3392

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Political Science

Minimum of 12 hours of Political Science must be taken in residence. No grade below a C in a Political Science course will count toward the major. Students must have 42 advanced hours. At least 15 hours of POLS must be advanced.