Finance (FINC)

FINC 5080. Independent Study. 1-3 Hours.

This course is designed for the directed study of individual students who wish intensive supervision in some vital aspect of Finance. Variable Credit (1-3).
Prerequisite: BUAD 5310, FINC 5300, and approval of Department Chair and Graduate Coordinator.

FINC 5085. Special Topic. 1-3 Hours.

This course of faculty-led study is designed to provide graduate students exposure to new Finance topics and concepts in a course setting. Variable credit (1 to 3).

FINC 5300. Business Finance Environment. 3 Hours.

An examination of business financial decision methods, the financial sector, and the economic and legal environment. Students are introduced to financial principles and decision techniques, as well as analytical models and software tools. This course does not apply to the 36-hour graduate credit hour requirement of the MBA degree program.

FINC 5310. Financial Management. 3 Hours.

An examination of financial management in today?s interdependent and integrated global environment. Topics include managerial applications, including the use of current techniques for financial analysis, capital allocation, and capital structure.

FINC 5320. Seminar in Commercial Banking. 3 Hours.

A seminar in the current developments within commercial banking and an examination of the specific aspects of the banking industry. The course will utilize both student research and case studies that emphasize managerial application of the literature reviewed.

FINC 5333. Financial Statement Analysis. 3 Hours.

The course examines how financing, investing, and operating decisions affect financial statements. It focuses on how creditors and investors use financial statements to assess the results of managers? decisions and the effect of alternative accounting methods on the quality of financial reporting.
Prerequisite: FINC 5310 or FINC 5370.

FINC 5338. Sel Top Money Cap Sec Markets. 3 Hours.

An in-depth topical exploration of various aspects of money, capital, and security markets. Topics are explored via analysis of current events and case studies, through examination of the intricacies of financial innovation and adaptation, and/or via individual research projects.
Prerequisite: FINC 5310 or FINC 5370.

FINC 5340. International Finance. 3 Hours.

Applies theories of managerial and international finance to the problems of financial management in a global business environment. Topics include investment analysis, financing choices, identification, measurement and management of foreign exchange risks, trade financing, and financial control of international operations.
Prerequisite: FINC 5310 or FINC 5370.

FINC 5345. Seminar in Investments. 3 Hours.

A study of financial securities, their valuation techniques and the markets in which they are traded. Provides an overview of portfolio theory and the analytical tools of portfolio management, as well as the relationship between risk and return. Includes a survey of current research in investments.
Prerequisite: FINC 5310.

FINC 5370. Admin Problems in Finance. 3 Hours.

Students review advanced finance topics in business administration and their direct application to administrative challenges. Coverage includes financial modeling with spreadsheets, advanced time value of money, analysis of the financial performance and condition of a business firm, determination of marginal cost of capital, advanced capital budgeting, cash flow analysis, working capital management, and financial policies.
Prerequisite: FINC 5310.

FINC 5390. Seminar in Business Finance. 3 Hours.

Theory and practice of assembling, investing, and managing capital. Major topics include estimating a firm?s cost of funds, basic and advanced capital budgeting techniques including payback period, NPV, IRR, and MIRR, capital structure analysis, dividend policy and practice, risk management and portfolio diversification. Cases, current developments and readings in business finance will be used as appropriate.
Prerequisite: FINC 5310 or FINC 5370.

FINC 5395. Seminar in Commercial Lending. 3 Hours.

This is a seminar course with an in-depth coverage of the current lending and regulatory issues and techniques appropriate for management of commercial lending activities in modern financial institutions. Research, readings, and case studies are employed to provide students the opportunity to apply the literature in the dynamic financial institutions industry.
Prerequisite: FINC 5310 or FINC 5370.