Master of Arts in Communication Studies

The online graduate program in Communication Studies focuses on advanced topics in the field, including:

  • gendered communication
  • health communication
  • interpersonal and family communication

These areas of study are important ones in communication research, and the Department of Communication Studies offers a useful and insightful combination of the topics in its online master's degree.

This program is designed for aspiring doctoral students in communication studies as well as professionals wishing to advance their careers. It is also an attractive option for graduate students in Psychology, Education, Sociology, and Criminal Justice who are searching for a complementary minor. For those who aspire to a PhD in one of these fields, an MA emphasizing interpersonal communication could be a useful stepping stone.

Students seeking admission to the graduate program in Communication Studies must submit the following documents to the Office of Graduate Admissions:

  1. Graduate Application
  2. Application fee
  3. Official transcripts of all college-level work are required, including the transcript that shows the date the undergraduate degree was conferred. A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is required, although this requirement is sometimes waived in cases where the applicant already has a graduate degree.
  4. Official GRE or Miller’s Analogy scores. Students having an earned Masters degree in another discipline can appeal to have these scores waived during the admission process.
  5. Three letters of recommendation that discuss the applicant’s suitability for graduate study
  6. Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher

A holistic review of each student’s application file will be completed, and admission will be granted on a competitive basis.

Students enrolled in the Master’s Program in Communication Studies must complete 36 hours of coursework. (Please note that there is, currently, no thesis option available in the program.)

Of these hours, at least 30 must be completed within the Department of Communication Studies at Sam Houston State University.

All graduate students are required to take a written comprehensive examination over all coursework taken for the MA degree. Students must be enrolled in the University the semester or summer session in which the comprehensive exam is administered.

Four of the six required courses for the M.A. program may be offered only once every two years.  These courses are COMS 5331 Comm Studies Methods & Resrch, COMS 5332 Statistical Methods For Comm, COMS 5360 Adv Interpersonal Communicatn, and COMS 5380 Advanced Family Communication .  It is important, therefore, that when students notice any one of these courses being offered in a given semester, they should register to take the course during that semester.  Otherwise, the student may not be able to graduate on time (in two years) even if he or she takes a full load every semester.   

Master of Arts in Communication Studies
Required courses
COMS 5331Comm Studies Methods & Resrch3
COMS 5332Statistical Methods For Comm3
COMS 5360Adv Interpersonal Communicatn3
COMS 5380Advanced Family Communication3
COMS 5390Seminar In Interpersonal Comm3
COMS 5391Seminar In Family Communicatn3
Additional Courses
Take additional 18 hours COMS electives from graduate course list18
Total Hours36